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“Sea Wall / A Life” Adds Steve-O Monologue “Fart Beer” To Production

by Zach Raffio. @zachraffio.

HUDSON THEATRE, NY - Producers of the acclaimed “Sea Wall / A Life”, a pair of monologues performed by celebrated actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Sturridge, announced today the addition of a third monologue to the production - a piece written and performed by former Jackass cast member Steve-O entitled “Fart Beer”, sources confirm.

“I’m thrilled to add a third breath-taking, ground-shaking piece to this production,” notes director Carrie Cracknell. “The piece had a ton of gravity, but I felt it was missing something raw, something edgy. A 40-minute piece where Steve-O farts into full beer cans and then drinks them is exactly the sort of Hal Prince-esque performance that makes this show a tour-de-force.”

Cracknell’s description of the show is spot on - Steve-O opens a beer can, farts into it, chugs the whole thing repeats, and then it’s over. Despite the performance’s unorthodox nature, fans appear to take something meaningful away from the act.

“At first I didn’t know what in God’s name was happening,” notes avid theater fan Allison Welsh. “But as I got home, and the memory of a man in his 40’s repeatedly farting into beer cans and then chugging them sat etched into my brain, I realized that perhaps it was a commentary on the recklessness of youth and the fleeting attempt to reignite a flame that’s gone cold. Then, I sobbed. I sobbed all night long. Brav-o, Steve-O,” she added, beginning to sob yet again.

The Broadway Beat caught up with the comedian turned thespian to discuss his performance and writing method.

“Some people may not consider what I do to be art, and it is for those people that I’m sad,” noted Steve-O, wearing a turtleneck with the words “Ass Parade” stitched in rhinestone. “I’m thrilled that so many audience members are finally seeing my performance for what it is - an avant-garde, challenging piece about ripping wet, rancid farts into some warm beers and then drinking the fart beer. It’s every artist’s dream for someone to look at them while they are drinking a fart beer and say ‘I see you’,” he added.

At press time, Steve-O refused to answer questions regarding the recent Tony buzz surrounding his performance, calling the acclaim “a distraction to my process.” However, he did note that he is developing a full-length show of his own, which will feature other short pieces titled “Snake Race”, “Puke Bath”, “Piss On Ice”, and the aforementioned “Ass Parade”, which Steve-O refers to as his “Magnum Opus.”


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