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Quadruple Threat? This Male Musical Theatre Actor Also Plays Devil's Advocate

by Saturday Lawson. @saturdaymarielawson.

GARDEN CITY, NY- Leading man Jordan Rogers is attempting to beef up his resume doing what he already does in his free time: playing devil's advocate.

"It's not like I enjoy stirring the pot," noted Rogers as he smiled and twirled his martini. "But I can argue any point without emotion, completely based on logic. Just because it doesn't affect me doesn't make me less qualified to debate it."

Rogers claims to have logged over 200 devil's advocate hours, frequenting the comments section of Facebook posts. One of Jordan's college friends spoke about his interesting perspective.

"Jordan sees it is his duty to represent what he calls 'an underrepresented demographic in the arts'. Because of how straight white men famously have no opportunities," quipped fellow AMDA alumni Lydia Adkins between vape hits." He barely passed any of his classes and we were musical theatre majors. Most of the classes were just for participation credit!"

Despite this, the head of their department personally found him representation because he had "the look".

Rogers’ Cats castmate, Maria Lopez, rolled her eyes so hard she was hospitalized for two days after hearing why Rogers felt he should be able to audition for Hamilton.

"Jordan? I don't think he understands what a resume is. You know he added jaywalking to his special skills?" she noted, sighing so, so loud. “Apparently he showed up in a Google Earth photo, so he listed that under modeling experience.”

"Nowadays, men can't say anything that won't be taken as them being the villain!" Jordan scoffed. "But the villain is also another leading character, so I should add that to my resume as well," he said, pulling out his phone to type in Google Docs.

Other recent additions include "being good at improv" because "learning lines verbatim is for suckers", and "assistant to the director" as he always gives castmates unsolicited notes.


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