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Play’s Cast Credits Just List Of Law & Order Episodes

by Devin Wallace. @thedevinwallace.

NEW YORK, New York - Audience members at a recent performance of The Handyman’s Lament on Broadway were surprised to see the entirety of the 21 cast members’ bios were simply a list of Law and Order episodes.

The bios, traditionally where one could find out what previous Broadway shows and national tours performers were in previously, instead were filled with listings like “Corpse 2 (Episode: Mother’s Revenge)” and “Carnival Pervert (Episode: The Carnival Pervert).”

“My daughter is in her school’s Drama Club,” said audience member Cynthia Breen. “She wanted to know how to become a real Broadway star. Now she says she can’t wait to be Drugged Hooker #3. It’s a parents dream.”

The credits spanned from the original Law & Order franchise through Special Victim’s Unit and Criminal Minds, and even more recent Dick Wolf fare such as Law and Order: True Crime.

Brady Nelson, who plays Nicky Palmentino in the production, said he struggled with which credits to choose. “I just finished a national tour of Kinky Boots where I starred as Charlie Price. But just before I had a two-scene role as a cranky bartender in Law and Order. It was obvious which credit was more important.”

“I could have sworn I recognized the male lead from somewhere,” said fan Julie Kelly. “I guess the only roles he’s ever had are in Law and Order episodes from 2009? So… that must be it?”

Not all fans were puzzled, however.

Trent Lurchman traveled with his six children from Rochester to see Veronica Donahue. “We’ve been fans her entire career,” said Lurchman. “Even before she had her breakout role as Juror #7, you know, when everyone jumped on the bandwagon. We were fans from her first role in The Godfather.” [Editor’s Note: He is referring to the 2004 Law and Order episode, “The Godfather.”]

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Apr 19

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