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Off-Off Broadway Company Wows Audience by Not Having Founder as Its Star

by Conor Moroney. @conorseamusactor.

NEW YORK, NY – Supercilious Theatre, the latest local Off-Off Broadway company, has dazzled its audiences by not having its founder, Lucas Earlman, star in its inaugural production of Chekov’s Uncle Vanya.

“I think it was time to show that not all small New York theatre companies are the same,” said Earlman, pushing back his David Lynch pompadour. “I know many of them are started because an individual feels stifled by their lack of opportunities and have the capital needed to start one but what I’ve done here is different. I’d say don’t be surprised if this gets replicated, but the call to play Hamlet is just too much for some.”

Mia Miller, a five dollar donor who attended the first preview, expressed her surprise at the bold creative change.

“It was an absolute joy to see Lucas’ name only three times in the playbill and not on the cast list!” exclaimed Miller downing the free Yellow Tail wine from the opening night reception. “Normally the founder would be in the lead, but Lucas was just sitting in his seat. It allowed me to be fully immersed in the play instead of wondering if anyone had the nerve to give him notes or if he was just allowed to go through his ‘process’.”

Brock Reed, the actor playing Astrov, recalled the amazement of when he received the role since he was sure it was already locked in.

“I walked into the EPA and when I saw him, in his black trench coat and wrinkled button up shirt, I thought ‘I hope they cast a youngish Vanya’,” Reed said, clutching his backpack and hoping that the A train was still running express. “When I got the offer, I was completely floored. I was only going to be produced, directed, and dramaturged by him. I feel like I am part of something special here!”

With all the excitement at the innovative change, no one seemed to notice that on the back of the playbill he advertised his acting school where he will help us “unlock the secrets of revealing your true actor.” Tuition reportedly starts at “a lot of money”.


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