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STUDY: How New York's Plan to Legalize Marijuana Could Skyrocket Sales for "Gazillion Bubble Show”

by Natalie Ortega. @NatalieGraceOrtega.

NEW YORK, NY - In a recent address, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced his plan to legalize recreational marijuana which, according to theatre experts, could spark a monumental boost in ticket sales for Gazillion Bubble Show at New World Stages.

“Audiences will finally get to experience our show the way we did while creating it,” said Steve Samson, artistic director of Gazillion Bubble Show and self proclaimed Bernie Bro. “From the jump, we knew it would be hard to sell audiences on the idea that an hour and a half of bubble-blowing was art. So this is a huge win for us.”

David Dorsey, a producer at Gazillion Bubble Show who just wants to take his wife on a nice vacation for once, is hoping to forge partnerships with local dispensaries.

“Our aim is to bring edibles straight to concession stands,” said Dorsey while on hold with his travel agent. “We want to take our normal Bubble Show Bites and bring them to the next level. Bubble gum becomes BUDdle gum, Poprocks become POTrocks - the possibilities are endless. We fully intend to milk these puns for all they are worth, because Donna has made it clear that she will not spend her one vacation week at Great Wolf Lodge again, god damn it.”

Bob Tickets, owner of the famed TKTS booth and three vague Times Square gift shops, also expressed his confidence in Gazillion Bubble Show’s prospects.

“I’ve been in the booth. I’ve been doing this for decades,” he told us between bites of his meatball sub. “Trust me.” We will update our readers when he provides us with any actual data.

Producers expect similar sales boosts for The Office! A Musical Parody, Blue Man Group, and long-running stoner classic Cats.


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