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Uh, Ok? NBC’s PETER PAN LIVE! to Become a Weekly Thing

by Zach Raffio. @zachraffio.

NEW YORK, NY - NBC announced this morning that their 2014 live TV musical Peter Pan Live! is set to become, uh, a weekly thing on the network?

Peter Pan Live! was a unique, delightful production for fans of all ages, so we figured why not do it again? And better yet - why not do it once a week, with no end date, and with absolutely no changes,” notes NBC head of broadcast Wesley Terrod, calculating all the Delta miles Alison Williams is gonna rack up from this. “We just don’t have a day picked out yet. When is everyone free? We can do it whenever, just let us know when you’re free.”

While many fans were surprised by the news - especially considering Pan isn’t even the most recent NBC live musical - some were excited by the new weekly programming.

“I loved the 2014 show, so getting to see the same thing, with the same cast, should be a fun night,” noted viewer Clarissa Wayne, checking to see when the program is on and getting a “we’ll let you know” message from the cable listing. “Wait, they’re doing it every week? Ok what the fuck is that?”

The show’s cast is equally excited by the new weekly gig. “Wow! The show was a blast, so I’m very, very excited to play Captain Hook once a week moving forward. A tremendous opportunity,” noted actor Christopher Walken in the voice you’re now re-reading his quote in. “I asked if one of the weeks I can maybe play Peter, but NBC said ‘No! Never ask that again! It’s very important you don’t ask that again!’ so I guess I’ll just do Hook. I'll bring snacks too, it'll be fun.”

At press time, many were wondering how this could move forward due to the current SAG-AFTRA strike, which sees actors striking for long overdue fair wages and residuals. It turns out, however, that the opportunity to do Peter Pan Live! once a week was good enough, and all actors (and writers, and UPS) have stopped striking.


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