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Local TikToker Disappointed Nobody Adding to Their “Cars 3 DVD Commentary" Musical

by Zach Raffio. @zachraffio.

Evanston, ILL. - Local TikToker Janey Turneps, aka @musicalturnups12, expressed her disappointment this week after no other users on the platform contributed to her adaptation of the DVD commentary from the 2017 Pixar film Cars 3 - despite the recent surge in contributing to a Ratatouille musical across the platform, the sad young woman confirmed.

“I mean it’s basically just as fun,” noted Turneps while wearing a “Yeah, this one was really fun, we had a great cast and the stakes for these cars are definitely bigger than ever ” t-shirt, showcasing a beloved Owen Wilson quote from the commentary. “Sure, all the songs I’ve written so far have been mostly talk-singing and it’s clear in the commentary that Armie Hammer has a cold cause his voice sounds weird, but hey, I still think this thing could really take off.”

The DVD commentary, which also features director Brian Fee and cast members Larry the Cable Guy, Cristela Alonzo and Chris Cooper, also features such memorable moments as Owen Wilson pronouncing “Tony Shalhoub” as “Tony Shulb” and Chris Cooper clearly almost cursing several times throughout the session. Still, despite these lovable moments, fans are still skeptical of Turneps’ creation.

“Why not just a Cars 3 musical? Why the DVD commentary?” questioned Danny Retterman while searching his local best Buy for a DVD copy just in case things take off. “How would that even work? Would the whole musical just be adults sitting in chairs, staring at a screen? Would you be able to hear quiet audio from the movie under their talking? Were home video sales of the movie even, like, good? I don’t see how this is any fun.”

Ratatouille: The Musical has become a viral TikTok sensation, with contributors from around the world submitting their own songs in adaptation of the Oscar-winning feature. Turnips has recently been attempting to hijack comments on Ratatouille contributions in an effort to drum up support for her Cars 3 DVD Commentary: The Musical.

“I’m reading comments on ‘Ode to Remy’ when all of a sudden I see someone asking for contributions to their project,” noted TikTok user Liandra DeMonica while reporting all of Turneps’ Cars 3 videos. “She has a song titled ‘Remember Planes, with Dane Cook as One of the Planes?’ and another video where she does he makeup to look like Owen Wilson - not Lightning McQueen, but Owen Wilson. It’s a horrible musical, but surprisingly good experimental theatre.”

At press time, Turneps has amassed a total of seven followers, posted over 300 original Cars 3 DVD Commentary: The Musical pieces, and received over 10,000 reports by users of the app. If the project doesn’t pick up pace soon, she’s considering pivoting to one of her many other ideas - such as an adaptation of audiences walking out of Coco during the 21-minute Olaf short that preceded it, an adaptation of John Ratzenberger’s daughter’s Sweet 16, or an adaptation of the 2007 Pixar feature Ratatouille, which - wait, what?


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