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Local Playwright Still Single Despite Writing Strong Female Roles, Left Wondering What The Point Was

by Catherine Weingarten. @sarahkaneisssexy.

NEW YORK, NY -  Local playwright Max Krazworthen has been left wondering what the point was following a staged reading of his play I Agree With Feminism, which, despite the fact that it features four realistic, artistically fulfilling roles for local actresses, has still left him single without anyone rushing to date the self-proclaimed “woke” playwright, sources have confirmed.

 “I wrote beautiful, empowered female roles, and didn’t even include full nudity for no reason,” says Krazworthen. “I just don’t get why there aren't several women trying to date me at any given moment. Maybe I should have just written another one of my plays where men chop each others heads off,” he added before opening up a new Writer Duet document.

Laura Sashwaithe, an actress/standup comic/barista cast in the reading, had her own take on the playwright’s dating status.

 “I don’t even think Max knows what feminism means, but the play’s characters were named Ruth, Bader, Ginsburg and Malala, so he’ll probably be famous in a year or two anyway. Also, no, I would not date him.”

The reading, for which tickets cost $45.00 with 2% of proceeds going to Planned Parenthood, left some audience members confused by the idea that it featured “good” roles for women.

“I still don’t think the play was as empowering for women as Max thought it was,” noted his former college classmate Sarah Anne Hershey. “There’s legit a twenty minute bikini mud wrestling scene that has nothing to do with the plot, but I hear Scott Rudin is interested in producing it, so what do I know? Also, Max, it’s never going to happen so stop responding to all of my insta stories.”

The play is slotted for a reading series at the Atlantic Theater next spring, but still, Max is disappointed by the experience and ultimately regrets writing the feminist play. 

“I have an agent now, a Netflix deal, and interest from a ton of legendary producers, but at the end of the day, I’m still single. I guess some men just can’t win,” he added before returning to a Broadway League gala in his honor.


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