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Dream Role? Local Drape Ecstatic to be Cast as Broadway Curtain

by Divyansh Kulshrestha. @Gr8Divyansh.

NEW YORK, NY – Calling the experience an “opportunity of a lifetime”, a local Silk drape expressed their joy to have finally achieved the lifelong dream of being cast as the curtain in a show at Broadway - the place where all curtains dream to be.

“I have spent my whole career struggling,” the elegant, handmade and soft textured piece of fabric told the press on Monday. “I was doing small roles, like playing a masking curtain in a high school am-dram production, or a backdrop for the cheap set in some experimental theatre piece, and so I’m happy to see that my determination has paid off.”

The drape commended the script, saying that the role of the curtain had been written so poignantly that they just knew they had to do it.

The mother of the 140 cm wide and 15 m long curtain was thrilled for her child.

“It seems like only yesterday that my baby was a little strand of fabric waiting to get turned into a cloth,” she said, showing us a framed photo that looked like it could be cut out of a HomeGoods catalogue. “Look at them now, all sewn up and ready to fulfill their dreams."

Staff of the Broadway theater were impressed by the brilliant shine of the silk curtain and the ambience created by its ruby color. Beaming with obvious pride, the drape noted that he had been brushed almost six times every day since it had been cast.

“This was the first time in my life that I’ve been washed with a detergent. And I just found what it feels like to get dry cleaned and, oh God I just love it,” they claimed, adding that there is no pay, but they don't need it, since they're a curtain. “I’ve seen shades on my body that I never knew were there because of the dust that used to accumulate on it. I just wonder what I'm gonna wear to opening night!”

At press time, the curtain revealed their intentions to promote diversity now that it has gained success.

“The theatre industry has historically been skewed towards polyester curtains, but it’s time for us silk curtains to get our voices represented on the biggest stage in the world.”


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