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Local Actress Throws Agent Shower to Celebrate Getting Signed

by Roxy Arecco. @roxyarecco.

LOS ANGELES - 22-year-old actress Michelle Yates, who recently signed with CAA after an entire month of cold-emailing the top tier agencies in California, celebrated her achievement earlier today by hosting the world’s first “agent shower,” complete with cake, games, and a 15-minute Q&A about the industry, sources confirm.

“Baby showers are supposed to honor pregnant people,” Yates explained to her confused guests. “Well, I’m about to give birth to the next chapter of my acting career and I recently gave up drinking, so I think I count.”

The shower is actually the second party that Yates has thrown in celebration of getting signed. According to her agent, Marcella Cortez, Yates hosted an “agent reveal” at the end of last week.

“She made me hide in a box for hours until all of the guests arrived,” claimed Cortez. “Then, when I jumped out, she shot ticket-stub confetti into the air and yelled ‘it’s a legit agent!’. The parties have been a bit time-consuming, but I get 10% of her gifts, so I’m not complaining.”

Both events were planned by Yates’ best friend Katherine Kelly, another actor who has been seeking representation since she moved to LA four years ago.

“Michelle begged for my help,” Kelly whispered, afraid that Yates would overhear. “She said she’d be too busy with auditions to plan anything and promised to introduce me to Marcella in return. So, I sent the invites, paid for the food, and suggested most of the games. Except for ‘Pin the Oscar on the Newly-Represented Actress.’ That one wasn’t my idea.”

At press time, Yates has insisted that she won’t throw any more parties until she adds another person to her team. While she refuses to provide any hints about the type of celebration she’ll host next, she has mentioned that she’s registered at the Playbill store and wears a size small.


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