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Jenna, We Appreciate That It's Imperfect, Hard, Messy & Lonely, But We Asked You to Make Pumpkin

by Garrett Brown. @garrettbrownproductions.

SMALL TOWN, In. - The family of Jenna Hunterson remained exasperated today after she arrived at the family gathering with a pie described as Imperfect, Good, Hard, Broken, Messy, and Lonely, instead of delivering the pumpkin pie she had signed up to bake.

“I know Jenna has a busy life right now, but she had led us to believe that none of us had to worry about dessert this Thanksgiving," sighed her uncle Alan, who keeps a Sara Lee pie in the freezer "in case of emergency." "Instead, it seems to be some sort of mish-mash of emotions with a flaky crust. She's still so damn likable, at least."

According to her cousin Sally, Jenna had promised to stick to the sign up sheet after last year she delivered a plate tasting of ennui, instead of the green bean casserole she had assured everyone she would be in charge of.

“Jenna makes these wonderful pies at work,” Sally said glumly, pushing the slice of turbulent feelings around the plate with her fork. “But we might just ask her not to bother cooking next year.”

The rest of the family decided that while the emotional dessert left a lot to be desired, it was certainly better than a few years ago when a neighbor woman and her barber companion brought over some of the worst pies anyone had ever eaten.


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