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“In The Heights” Trailer Reveals Lin-Manuel Miranda Playing Every Character “Nutty Professor” Style

by Zach Raffio. @zachraffio.

NEW YORK, NY - The latest trailer was just released for this summer’s highly anticipated film adaptation of In The Heights, revealing for the first time that, despite previously announcing a full cast for the film, each role will be performed by creator Lin-Manuel Miranda under heavy prosthetics and makeup, inspired by Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor, sources confirmed.

“This story is so close to my heart, I really just wanted to do it right,” noted Miranda while being fitted for a large frizzy wig and colorful nails in order to play neighborhood salon owner Daniela. “I love when Eddie Murphy played all of the Klumps, so I’m basically expanding that dinner scene into a full feature. I promise it won’t be distracting,” he said before loudly chanting “Hercules! Hercules!” from the aforementioned Eddie Murphy film.

The film, based on Miranda’s Tony-award winning Broadway musical focusing on the intertwining lives of several Washington Heights residents over three days, has already received positive reviews from critics treated to an advance screening. However, some were a bit perplexed by Miranda’s multi-character performance.

“It was pretty weird watching him play all 30 members of the film’s opening dance number,” noted Cannes Film Festival creative director Jacques Fiol. “He didn’t shave his goatee, so there were a LOT of kid characters with facial hair, and he kept getting names confused - especially Vanessa and Piragua Guy, which is crazy because one of them is the lead’s love interest, and the other is a dude selling shaved ice.”

Fan reaction to the trailer has also been mixed.

“I’m a huge fan of Heights,” noted YouTube user MusicalHead54 via the trailer comments. “I think the prosthetics they used on Lin for him to play Abuela look flawless - however, I wish that some rising young talent would have been given the opportunity. I don’t know, I think that would have been a real career-making turn for me uh I mean whoever was cast,” noted the user, later revealed to be originally-announced Usnavi actor Anthony Ramos.

At press time, Miranda was seen figuring out how to use de-aging technology so he can portray all three Alison’s in the upcoming film adaptation of Fun Home.

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