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Kid Who Can Do Three Silly Voices Treated Like God by High School Theatre Director

by Kath Dunham. @kathdunham.

PROVIDENCE, RI - Eyewitness reports claim that high school theater teacher Cameron Lasell has been treating junior Sean Berry like a God just because he can do three silly voices, the annoyed sources confirmed.

“You’re a regular Nathan Lane!” said Lasell to Berry, who isn’t. “Or Leonardo DiCaprio! I’m telling you, we all better get your autograph now because it’ll be no time before we see you on SNL! We’ve got a real star on our hands!”

Senior Rachel Torres spoke with The Broadway Beat about Sean, highlighting one time where Lasell said Sean’s goofing around was “akin to Shakespearean clowning.”

“All he can do is British, Southern, and one that sounds like an old man,” explained Torres. “He also insists on doing them even when the character is definitely not one of those three things. Last year, he was the Mysterious Man in Into The Woods and did a Southern accent the entire time. But Mr. Lasell loves it. And if he does a silly face or silly walk on top of the accent, my god, Mr. Lasell loses his mind.”

Sources report that, once Sean begins speaking in an accent, he can only sustain it for thirty to forty seconds; however, Mr. Lasell still thinks this is amazing. Classmate Phillip Smith agreed with Torres, speaking more as to how Sean is put on a pedestal.

“Yeah, for all the shows we’ve done over the last four years, Sean has never gotten off-book,” noted Smith. “But Mr. Lasell thinks it’s funny when he makes up his own lines, even though he reams us out for the same thing. He says Sean’s an improviser and we all just have to learn to ‘Yes, And’ him.”

At press time, the audience was loving Sean’s performance, because of course.


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