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ERAS TOUR Post-Credits Scene Introduces Bloodthirsty, Vengeful Bombalurina Era

by Zach Raffio. @zachraffio.

WORLDWIDE - Audience members attending opening weekend screenings of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour were treated to a world-building surprise, via the concert film’s heavily rumored post-credits sequence (SPOILERS AHEAD!).

“We thought it was over, but over the black screen, we heard footsteps. No… pawsteps,” noted Swift superfan Olivia Tuggert, dressed as Swift’s character from the 2010 romantic comedy Valentine’s Day. “It was all quiet, and then you heard her say ‘Macavity’s not there… but I am, bitch’. The place went fucking crazy. Bombalurina is back baby, and she has vengeance in her eyes.”

Many fans sported friendship bracelets with phrases such as “Jellylorum Shit” and “Catnip”, clearly hoping the Cats character would be introduced in a setup to the Eras sequel.

At press time, truly patient fans stuck around for a secret, extra post-credits scene, in which Taylor Swift says the phrase “Live from New York… it’s me, bitch,” hinting at the introduction of her elusive Saturday Night Live Season 35 Episode Five era.


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