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"Dear Evan Hansen" Team Announces Special Edition Cast Recording with Every Song Sung By Evan's Cast

by Megan Pope. @mpopetweets.

NEW YORK, NY - The team behind the Broadway smash Dear Evan Hansen announced today that they plan to release a Special Edition Cast Recording where every song is sung by Evan Hansen’s fiberglass cast, excited sources confirmed.

“It’s an honor to be asked to do this,” said Evan’s Cast, while drinking a matcha outside the recording studio. “As arguably the most instantly recognizable aspect of the show, it’s nice that they really let me show what I can do. Although I only really know the first half of the musical because I was sawed off at intermission, so I might have to improvise the back half.”

Craig Kallman, CEO of Atlantic Records and longtime fan of plaster-based projects, could barely contain his excitement.

“It usually costs an arm and a leg to make these albums, but this time it’s only costing us one hollow arm!” noted Kallman. “The cast should have no problem getting inside the character of Evan Hansen because Evan Hansen’s arm was inside of him for so long. That’s just science. We’re gonna make millions.”

Dear Evan Hansen composer Benj Pasek was similarly thrilled about the release, and is currently planning a sizeable soiree to commemorate the recording.

“Let’s just say it’s going to be the biggest cast party you’ve ever seen,” claimed Pasek with glee. Evan’s Cast will greet fans, take photos, and sign autographs. It’ll be a fun reversal, as he’s usually the thing being signed.”

Dear Evan Hansen: The Fiberglass Cast Album will be released at the end of May or early June, on a picture-perfect afternoon.


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