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I Asked For My Broadway Lottery in a Lump Sum and Now I Have to Watch 23 Shows at Once

by Caitlin Bitzegaio. @caitorade.

NEW YORK, NY - I like to consider myself financially savvy. I know that assets today are worth more than assets tomorrow. Accordingly, I opted to receive all my Broadway lottery winnings in a lump sum, as opposed to divided up into smaller installments. So now I have to watch 23 shows at once. 

Seeing 23 shows at once provides as many unique opportunities as it does challenges. The overtures are all playing right now and I’m honestly having a hard time distinguishing each one to prepare me for what’s to come in the 23 shows. I think maybe one has menacing undertones? Hard to say. I still feel like this was a smart decision. 

Thematically, I have to admit all the shows are running together a little bit. It definitely feels like there’s some thread about living for today - at least in Moulin Rouge!, Kimberly Akimbo, and Water For Elephants. I can’t be sure about all of them. 

Wow, Six definitely takes inspiration from Chicago’s “Cell Block Tango,” huh? That’s easy to see when you’re viewing them at the exact same time.

Daniel Radcliffe really is a performer of a generation. It’s hard to keep my eyes off him, unless I get distracted by the other 22 shows. Merrily going backwards actually makes it easier to follow in this scenario. I missed most of the other shows’ introductions to the characters. 

Those animal puppets from “Circle of Life” sure are in the aisle a lot longer than you remember when they’re in the way of dozens of other performers.

While I saved money by entering these lotteries and accepting my winnings all at once, I did spend $598 on wine in 23 commemorative cups. I’m going to need to pay for an Uber home, for a lot of reasons. 

Ultimately, now that I’ve accepted a lump sum, I can invest what my winnings in my future, like using the knowledge I gained to slay musical trivia.


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