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Brave, Relatable Actress Lauded For Self-Tape Outtake

by HaleyJane Rose. @haleyisfamous.

Astoria, NY --- 24 year old aspiring actress Melissa O’Dell shocked the internet today with a brave, vulnerable Instagram post featuring a supercut of her flubs and falls for her recent self-tape audition.

“I guess you could say I’m a singular voice,” Melissa O’Dell noted, wearing a jewel-toned dress and nude LaDucas. “Not many people are brave enough to show themselves messing up. I can’t think of a single person whose dared to post their own self-tape bloopers. I truly believe it’s the start of a movement.”

O’Dell’s post includes the caption, “Your flaws are what make you... you” and “you’ll never fly if you don’t jump” along with the hashtags “#actress”, “#motivation”, “#selftape”, “#selflove”, “#nycactor”, and “#instaactor.”

Moments after the post went live, O’Dell was signed to top representation for stage and screen by United Talent Agency. 

“The video really resonated with me,” says agent Michael Reichenberg. “It’s not often you find a young actress brave enough to address her imperfections while wearing a full face of NARS Cosmetics in meticulous three point lighting. “This is the most relatable thing to happen in the entertainment industry since Jennifer Lawrence mentioned wanting McDonalds on the Oscars Red Carpet,” he added.

However, some viewers found the video less-than-charming. 

“I don’t get it,” says O’Dell’s high school chemistry lab partner, Gregory Carlson. “She couldn’t seem to remember her own name, and she’s clearly a klutz, but like, to a dangerous degree. I don’t see what’s relatable about giving yourself a bloody nose during a simple sashay.”

Doctors at the NYU Langone Medical Center were thrilled to get the newly famous actress’ autograph after the numerous visits and follow-ups required of her after producing what should have been a simple, straightforward self-tape.


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