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Truly Brave! These Actors Left Supportive Comments Under Karen Olivo’s Video & Then Did Nothing Else

by Zach Raffio. @zachraffio.

NEW YORK - Now how’s that for solidarity! Several highly successful, notable Broadway performers have used their voices for good by commenting several heart emojis under Karen Olivo’s video explaining why they won’t be returning to Moulin Rouge!, followed by absolutely zero further action at all, proud sources confirmed.

“Karen’s statement was extremely brave, and showed that they’ll put their money where their mouth is. I’m so glad that I could do exactly the same, but you know, not lose my paycheck or anything” noted Tony winner Ben Thomas, currently cast in Scott Rudin’s upcoming Music Man revival. “We need voices like theirs willing to take a stand, and voices like mine willing to applaud her taking a stand while simultaneously contributing to the system they're taking a stand against. It’s called multitasking.”

Olivo announced that they would not be returning to their Tony-nominated role, citing the industry’s silence over abuse allegations surrounding Scott Rudin, as well as the general inequity oozing from the punctured system. Many performers considered themselves part of a long domino line sprouted by Olivo’s statement.

“We have to be willing to walk the walk, or at least talk the talk, or at the very least, talk somebody else’s walk,” noted actor Elisabeth Genevieve Smitts, who commented “so inspired” on Olivo’s video before emailing her agent to see if they’ve cast Olivo's replacement yet. “This industry will only change if those in power take a stand, and the system that has hurt so many has actually worked out pretty well for me, so let’s hope not too many people take that stand.”

Instagram itself quickly adapted to the flood of spineless support, offering a new feature exclusively for actors who want to appear to have integrity without actually bearing any risk.

“Our new self-destruct feature lets actors comment supportive things while the moment is hot, but deletes them as soon as anyone really important is looking,” noted Instagram head of development Beatrice Vaits. “No longer will those in power - whose voice could truly make waves and work to rebuild an industry that has long been tattered - have to choose between doing what is right and doing what makes them that good, GOOD cash, baby.”

At press time, dozens of notable performers - many under direct contract with Scott Rudin Productions - have organized an in-person protest in the theatre district in support of equality, workplace safety, and zero tolerance for abuse by those in power, after which they’ll head to Mr. Rudin’s office for his birthday party (presents mandatory).


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