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BREAKING: Ben Platt to Be in CHICAGO; Not the Show, He Just Really Wants to See The Bean

by Steven Verdile. @StevenVerdile (Twitter). @StevenVerdileCreative (Instagram).

After an acclaimed, Tony-nominated performance in Parade, Broadway superstar Ben Platt has his eyes set on a new destination: Chicago.

“The moment I saw that curvy silver giant, I forgot all about the fast-paced stress of the service industry," noted the former Evan Hansen, fascinated by Chicago’s “The Bean” sculpture ever since he saw it in some B-roll on The Bear. "I finally felt at ease, and I knew I had to go see her.”

Platt’s fiancée (and also former Evan Hansen) Noah Galvin is also excited for the upcoming trip.

“When Ben first started talking about it I was like, it’s just a bean? Who cares about beans? But then he showed me the metallic marvel on his VR goggles and I instantly understood why we needed to go to Chicago. Also, if we go to Chicago then we could ride their metro, which looked really neat on FX’s The Bear.”

It’s unsurprising the two Evan Hansens would have such interest in the shiny monument, as they have often been seen pondering life while waving at reflective surfaces.

While in Chicago, they also plan to try an authentic deep-dish pizza, hopefully served by a diverse group of well-meaning but often rude kitchen staff. You know, just like in their favorite television series, The Bear.

In other theatre news, Eva Noblezada’s future seems to be In The Heights, because she heard there’s a great tapas spot up there. Jonathan Groff hopes to find himself in Pippin, because he thought he looked really cute in that little cape, and if the rumors are true, several industry heavyweights may wind up in Hadestown.


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