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"Beetlejuice" To Perform Their Tonys Number During In Memoriam Segment

by Brian Cudina. @BrianCudina.

NEW YORK, NY. — Broadway musical Beetlejuice announced today that they plan to perform their Tony Awards number during the In Memoriam portion of the broadcast.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing our audience an authentic experience this year,” said Tonys Producer Christa Antigliary. “Beetlejuice is a show about death, so it’s perfect. This year we want to keep the momentum moving through the whole broadcast, and Beetlejuice helps kill two birds with one song.”

The In Memoriam is usually reserved as a tender moment to remember theater’s fallen. This drastic change in tone has already sparked a petition calling for the Tony’s to return to the old format.

“It’s gonna be a really fun In Memoriam this year!” said the show’s star and Tony nominee Alex Brightman. “Remember, there are fans of Beetlejuice we have to please too. I’ve got some zingers already loaded for those old producers that the general TV audience doesn’t know. They may be dead, but I’m playing dead. I think it’ll go over well.”

The entire cast and crew of Beetlejuice has given their support, including Sophia Anne Caruso, the 17-year-old breakout lead.

“This is a dream come true,” said Caruso. “As a kid I would watch the In Memoriam and think ‘I hope I'm influential enough to make it up there one day.’ Well now I’m ahead of schedule!”

If Beetlejuice turned down the offer to perform during this slot, Antigliary had multiple backup plans.

“If those guys said no, Hadestown also fit the bill. I mean they’re in the underworld! If not them, then we’d have to get creative. We floated around doing “Poor Jud” from Oklahoma!, but the way those guys do it seemed too intense.”

Despite public reservations, Beetlejuice Director Alex Timbers assures it won’t just be about their musical.

“Rest assured, we aren’t forgetting those who have passed. Without spoiling, fans of the In Memoriam should get excited to see some of you favorites for one last encore.”


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