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“I'm On That Alpha Grindset” says Man Who Puts on Fun Costumes, Sings Little Ditties & Does Jigs

by Reilly Wilmit. @reilly.wilmit.

NEW YORK, NY -“I’m on that alpha grindset,” proclaimed 29-year-old Chad Cody, a local musical theatre actor known to sing fun little ditties whilst doing fun little jigs in fun little costumes.

“Yeah, I rise and grind every day,” said Chad, standing in the lobby of the Actor’s Equity building, marking what appeared to be a 16 bar cut of “Put on Your Sunday Clothes” to give the casting team upstairs the ol’ razzle dazzle with his fun li’l ditty. “I get up at 5:00am every single day to be the first name on that non-eq list. You can’t stop hustling if you want to be a real alpha male.”

We spoke to Brad Brody, Chad’s roommate, to learn more about his approach to show business.

“Yeah bro, he’s super dedicated. He never misses leg day: he takes a barre class at Broadway Dance Center five days a week and you know those pliés are mad difficult,” said Brad, stapling together his theatrical resume with a headshot of a smiley fella ready to don a little bowtie and bowler hat and kick-ball-change stage right.

“And he’s always doing his reps… you know, practicing pullbacks. Our downstairs neighbors are pissed about it, but they just don’t understand the grind, bro. That’s beta shit right there.”

Chad’s agent, Thad Jacob-Jingleheimer-Schmidt, was equally thrilled with the actor’s dedication to singing jaunty little tunes in a make-believe world of music and magic.

“My man Chad is making moves in silence. He just signed a contract to play Pinocchio in Theater By The Lake’s production of Shrek in Wisconsin. You know my boy is going to rock those wooden clogs! And he’s got the best bod for lederhosen in the game. You know why? ‘Cause he’s a fucking ALPHA, that’s why!”

At press time, Chad was last spotted on his way to a dancer’s ECC for Anything Goes, chugging a protein shake from a water bottle reading “Pain. Sweat. Triple Pirouette.”


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